This is sort of a boring story. I always have been interested in making games but actual coding always made me very uncomfortable and never tried it until I got to college. I met some really cool guys there and got into an association that was based on pop culture and videogames. Me and the president of that association started on our spare time to code for a videogame. He made his and I made mine. The software I used was gamemaker studio and I made like 7 games. I wanted to make a website for the games so I learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At that first year I was studying criminal justice and was slowly being taken away by programming. I changed my concentration to computer information system thinking that I wanted to do a more general approach but programming kept gaining ground. I had depresion on middle School all through highschool and early college. I'm safe to say that after I decided to code seriously my depression has seize to exist and life feels very good. Coding for me is very rewarding and challenging. I'm soon going to pursue a bachelor degree in computer science and hope I don't change concentration again.

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