coding has reinforced my conviction that I'm significantly more proficient at breaking things than making them. And sometimes I break things so well, they start working when they absolutely should not work, even a little bit.

It's also made me a little more angry, reduced my patience with people who ask why something isn't working, and made me realise that I will *thankfully* never be normal.

I've never been happier.

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    Kudos to you!
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    Thank you ma'am. Thank you.
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    And adding to breaking things, I also somehow (although rarely) manage to break me trying to break the code. Like, I'll be trying to figure out a bug and I'll be like "let's try this, this definitely shouldn't work" AND THEN THE DAMN THING WORKS. THERE'S NO REASON FOR IT TO WORK!
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    @makinet exactly this. The concern is real when this happens
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