I don't know a lot of people in other market segments who have zero fear of losing their job. Since I discovered that my coding skills are marketable, I have not lost a night of sleep over job security.

I'm very happy with my current job, but the privilege of rarely having to feel uncertain about income is incredibly liberating.

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    Hmm, wait till you turn 50 and you still want to code. Age discrimination is real.
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    @nickhh, I'm 40 and I have a lot of coder co-workers and acquaintances that are near or over 50. You just need to keep moving from one technology to the next if you don't want to be forced to management or freelance. And you need to sell yourself high. When they ask you why are you not already on a leadership/management position, you need to show that it's because you're a hands on tech and you're not interested. Show them your capable, just not your cup of tea.
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    Second this! Until you lose the thrive too learn something new every day, you're gonna be okay :)
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    I understand that there are situations where it's not that easy to find a job.

    There are probably enough places where discrimination (age or otherwise) is a bitch.

    I do know that where I currently live and work (Amsterdam area) there are plenty of companies which would love to have skilled JS, PHP, Java, C# etc devs — regardless of age.
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