Coding has pretty much been the center of my life?

Although I was persuaded to take a dumb expensive, useless detour into Finance... and probably cost me a nice job at a big tech company... at least until maybe I get around to really really trying really hard to possibly get an interview after reading through a few Algo books and prepping for technical interviews and doing foobar enough to request being recruited...

Anyway I still like coding for my own use a lot (check my github.io page), getting paid for it is more of a ++ though I would prefer to be solving more interesting and useful problems at work....

Oh yes and it makes me an Android/tech power user, always thinking about how to use tech to solve my problems, get what I want...

and now if you'd please, dfox when can I have my unicorn? 😀

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    LOL... Just noticed it's the first thing I would in my bio.

    No I did not change it just now.
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