I have to confess: I don't use a version control system. But, as of today, I'd like to change that.

I have a few questions for the community:
What VCS are there and what are the differences? I've heard of Git, but are there any others?
Can you recommend any hosting services? I know of Github and Bitbucket. Are there others? Which is better?
Are there any tools you use? Or just the command line application?
Finally: Can you recommend any tutorials for using these VCS?

Thank you in advance,

Somebody who probably should have done this ages ago (me)

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    Use Git. It's the most widely spread VCS, and it's made by the Linux god itself, Linus Torvalds. You can use Github if you want to test Git, or self host your Git Repositorys with Gitlab, which is like a self hosted Github. If you're using a IntelliJ based IDE like IntelliJ, PHPStorm, PyCharm, and so on, you can use the VCS integration, it's incredibly awesome. Greetings from Lower Austria ;)
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    a good gui for git is www.gitkraken.com
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    Especially in the beginning I would suggest using the command line tools no matter what vcs you're getting out
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    Rational ClearCase. 😐🙃😅
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    Git works great. There is svn if you're feeling nastalgic.
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    Git! And use command line client so you get a good inderstanding
    On git's official website read the reference guide and tutorial.
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    I would not suggest to self host with gitlab, try, if you want to host it yourself, gogs. it's lightweight.
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    I'd recommend git (reasoning given by everyone above), and BitBucket is a good place to start. Free to set up, and free private repositories (projects).

    Also recommend the command line instead of any GUI - if you want to get super serious about VC, you'll likely end up in the command line sooner or later. As a brucey bonus, when you create a new BitBucket repo, it gives you a page of all of the different commands you would need to get started. Very handy when you're getting into it for the first time.
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