I live in a country where Dollars are of very high value, I got a job fteelancing and made some money, after that a friend's brother approched me with some fantastic ideas (I guess he thought of them because 'Hey, he made money, I can too') like building an online game, I told him that i wasn't either a designer or a game developer and he told me that I could go and learn... Yeah like if I can learn game development in a week or be a designer in the same amount of time. When I said no he told me if I didn't want to build a porn site, I kindly rejected again and told him that I like to build tools that are useful for other people then he said that he just wants to make people spend money on internet like if money was going to rain quickly. I didn't even ask but I'm sure he wasn't going to pay me for development. I'm sure that when I see him he's going to tell me more "Fantastic ideas"

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