What are peoples thoughts on taking a sort of backwards step in their career in order to get more experience?

I took my current job as I thought it would be a stepping stone to go on and do more development work (it was my first dev role), but I’ve been here 4.5 years and I rarely do anything other than maybe fix a bug every now and then.

They mainly have me doing non-dev support type stuff, and they don’t use any best practices or anything like that, and I feel that I am falling behind where I should be experience wise.

I am doing a degree (distance learning with the Open University) so I am working on personal development but that’s not much help when I go to interviews.

Should I think about trying to go for junior jobs, rather than just developer jobs, and the pay cuts that may go with that, or should I just grind out leet code etc and keep booking interviews?

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    Yeah, go for it. If you feel like you stagnate that's definitely a sign that you do.
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    If you take a step back to do something you want to do or get you where you want to go. Then that’s not a step back. It’s a step forward
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    I did once a backward step in salary so I could work with technologies I never used. I was happy that I did it - the new technologies made my brain wake up and working again
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    Are you thinking of junior dev jobs?

    If you are still thinking of dev jobs. I would just look for another job at the same level?

    Or at least go for a few interviews and see how your skill set aligns with the market
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    Thanks all.

    I will keep looking and applying, I’m not in a super huge rush, so can afford to take my time and not rush into things like I did with this job.
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