Coding has impacted my life the biggest by having 'scrum' meetings with my family over dinner. I start with..
"What did you do today?"
"What are you doing tomorrow?"
and variations of (depending on the responses from the first questions)..
"Anything I can help with?"

It really opened up the channels of communication with my family. It's not unusual for dinner to take up to an hour.

Quite the contrast of my childhood where dinner was a "better to be seen than heard" experience and eating fast and leaving the table was a competition with my siblings.

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    Scrum dinners really shouldn't take more than 15 minutes though... ;)
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    Did you remember to ask, "what went well? What can be improved?" @puppetmupp, these are more like daily retrospectives.
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    Also ask what the "gotchas" were. God I hate that word.
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    @iAmNaN That should be done on weekends I guess 😝😝😝
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    This sounds just like the dinners with my family 😂
    My dad is working as a scrum master.
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