Best "error" I've ever seen today.

We have a very large database with millions of people, some of those records are duplicates. So I had a long project to write something that would automatically merge duplicate records while allowing employees to review them. Today we had a duplicate show up in the list which should not have.

Same name (apart from one letter), address, employee ID (off by 1 number), same manager, title, phone number, birthdate. But we figured out it wasn't the same person and therefore wasn't a good match.

Turns out they are twin sisters who live together and we're hired by the same manager for the same position at the same time. What are the odds...

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    That wins the award for today. Wow!
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    I blame the parents 😂
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    For real, why would they name there twins one letter apart, isn't that just calling for extra confusion?!
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    @2ndAttmt I would guess it makes it easier to be a parent of twins?
    Parent: "Hey Ashley come make the table"
    Ashley: "okay"
    Ashleyy: "okay"
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    hired on the same day
    same manager
    twin sisters...

    I wonder what the job title would be.
    Please forgive my dirty mind.
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    What language does your program run in? I want to make something similar very shortly to ease the nightmare of handling shitty client DB's
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    @lwhken a new kind of rubber duck maybe
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    @lwhken might have to

    take work home
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    @2ndAttmt the names were leta and lena. They kind of we're cool and sounded good.
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    @badcopnodonuts tssql + xml + vb.net (the crm has its own whole setup and sdk).
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    @lwhken ones a nurse and ones a something else, like a medical assistant or something, I don't remember.
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    Update, turns out they weren't hired on the same day but here's what happened.

    These sisters are old (50s), and our health system acquired this hospital at some point in the 90s or 80s. When it was assigning employee numbers, they were assigned alphabetically.

    That said, they still have the same manager, same birthday, same fuzzy matched name, same contact info, all of that. Bizzare
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