I crashed the McDonald's self serve kiosk application. All I did was tap on "edit" so I could remove onions from one of the meals.... I then walked away and didn't tell anyone, because lol.

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    What did you want to order?
    Want to know, for educational purposes :p
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    Why would you ever remove onions?

    Ticket closed, would not reproduce.
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    @lotd We were getting a few McFeast meals because they have a deal at the moment where they are only $5 for a small meal. Haven't had a McFeast in ages... they forgot to add mayo to each one :( they had one job.

    My missus doesn't like the raw onion. I, on the other hand, do love the raw onion. I take her pickles too. Nom nom nom!
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    Fried onions are great for me. But when I get (warning: unrelated) the new York dog from sonic, they don't seem to bother unless I explicitly complain about the onion being raw.
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    "All I did..." - guilty as fuck. Vandal. :p
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