Fullscreen support in browsers is a nightmare.

I don't mind vendor prefixes, really. But iOS has different method names entirely and unnatural restrictions. You can't make <div> go fullscreen but you can fullscreen <video> element. And it gets complicated when said video element is inside iframe. The iframe has to have allowfullscreen="true", so you need to make another feature detection for that!

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    i was working on an project back in days and i had to make home page with full screen rendering, i wrote css for this yeaaa am happy i continued my work until i got to the finish, made it responsive it was working like a charm, i picked up my phone open chrome browser to check my latest work over there , site loaded yeeaaa its looking awesome, i touche the on screen but i got slightly swipe upword and i got shocked page got scrolled up to 40/50 pixel, i checked it by reloading the page still got scrolled and then chrome bar caught my sight it was due to that f****** bar, i tried different solutions but all in vein, and it took me next 5 hours to fix that shit 😷
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