Oy, can any of you chaps hack a facebook account?

Asking for a friend.

Seriously. This waste of oxygen said if I wasnt good enough, I should find someone else to do it.

God I hate humans. I'm converting to hinduism so I can get reincarnated as something else. A cat maybe.

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    @kp15 Yo, it's a fucking joke, can you take a joke? No?
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    @kp15 how on earth is that racist?
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    @kp15 yes, sure you can. Being part of a religious group in a culturally diverse society means in part that you need to accept that other people have other opinions on your religion.

    How often do you think I have to deal with heresy or personal offense because I'm christian?
    Yes, sure, I am the child-abusing, gay-hunting evil that just wants to start another crusade.

    I get that it is uncomfortable and that you want to lash back. But then you are the religious lunatic that they want you to be.
    Try to stay calm and keep your dignity.
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    @kp15 If it makes you feel better, I make equally fun of all people, regardless of their religion.

    Also, isn't reincarnation part of the hindu faith?
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    @kp15 sure have, but it seemed to bother you to the point that you might spill. Which would be something none of us need.
    Ofc that might just be my pov because I have trouble keeping my calm in situations like these. so please excuse me projecting.
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    @vringar I still don't understand why it should upset people - do you consider an attack on your religion a personal attack? I could've understood it if I had actually singled out a person, or said something terrible (akin to child molesting priests), but I really don't see how such an innocent joke could upset anyone.

    That said, I realize its 2017 and everyone gets triggered and everything.
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    @yusijs I don't see anything particularly offensive in your joke but have some degree of understanding for people that do.
    Everybody lives their religion with various amounts of commitment. Someone who zealously believes might feel your joke is superficial, factually incorrect and annoying.

    Concerning the 2k17 part it is my understanding that people always got offended but only recently started talking about it.
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    @kp15 If you have any jokes about Jesus, Allah or whatever, tell them, there's no harm in it.
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    @vringar thats like I should be offended whenever I get told I'm going to hell for being an atheist or being a little shit. I generally just giggle and carry on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I think this is the one time in life where that blasted meme picture of "well that escalated quickly" would actually work.
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    @kp15 there is nothing even vaugely racist about that rant, what's wrong with you?
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    @kp15 I never said shapeshifting, I said reincarnation!
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    @kp15 I think you are just taking it too seriously mate :)
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    @kp15 You're waaaaaay too sensitive. I mean, come on, you're in the goddamn internet. You should expect this.
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    Get your "-cisms" straight. What is that with people that they call it racism if you say something against some religion?
    It's not that only Indian people can be Hindus or only Arabic people Muslims or only western people Christians.
    Also: difference between belonging to a "race" or a certain nationality to belonging to a religion: the religion part is about choice, you can change that. But you can't change the place you were born.

    It really upsets me when people get this confused.
    And it even upsets me more whenever people are running around and are pulling some bullshit racism card for every bullshit little thing which was obviously not meant in any harmful way. But I guess some people just want to feel offended by nearly everything. Seems to be quite modern nowadays...

    Saddest part is that this cancerous behaviour now apparently reached this community as well.
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    How in any way is it offensive to playfully acknowledge reincarnation? He never even said anything negative.
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    What the fuck was racist about that rant?

    Maybe if he was slandering the religion.
    Hindu's believe in reincarnation so it was a fact. Maybe because of the caste system that could be offensive but the reaction was unjustified.
    Grow the fuck up and take your narrow mindedness elsewhere.
    Ok, Carry on people.. back to normal! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜
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    And btw, racism is against race. Not religion so you've escalated this discussion to a whole new playing field. πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
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    It seems that cultural intelligence means to you "if someone says something, no matter what, about a culture he/she does not belong to, it is offending and that person has no cultural intelligence whatsoever", at least this is the impression your current behaviour gives me.

    Nobody in this whole thread said anything offending or bad about Hinduism. It is so obvious that you just want to be offended an I have no understanding for such a behaviour. Be offended if you feel like being offended for everything, but do so in silence. Otherwise you cannot expect people to take you serious.
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