Don't you think it's unfair that a group project where only 2 out of 6 people actually worked their butt off for a whole school year but everyone 'miraculously' passes? Yeah, this happened to me. They stuck to my group like parasites just to pass

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    @tigie11 that reminds me of someone
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    Working on my first group project now and this worries me a lot. My lecturer marks our partcipation by git commit though so that's a plus.
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    When I had to do some team projects for the university, at the end of each project the team was also commenting how collaborative was the rest of the group, so in the end the "parasites" would not get the full marks. Still bear in mind that this is part of learning to work as a group and that you have to deal with this kind of people as well and how to manage their behaviour.

    Also, welcome to devRant! 😎
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    @Qaldim Yeah... you really can't avoid these kinds of people. Thanks man!
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    @samfreeman05 did you make an other account, post the rant, tag me with your first account, just to make it look like it's totally random and it's actually happens to someone else??
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    @@tigie11 nope
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    People will aways get away with this unless you full-on snitch on them, which... you SHOULD. FUCK them you actually did do your job and a big part of theirs. Let them eat shit and die.
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    @Qaldim I agree, these things give opportunities to learn how to work in groups.

    Every group will be like this in one way or another, and using its lameness as an excuse to not have to deal with it is as common an approach as those who leech.

    Only, once out of academia, you will not be marked on your merit, only the result.

    Best way to tackle this is by applying infrastructure.

    At the beginning of the group project, you work together to come up with a solution, and tasks get delegated. Tasks are given early deadlines to give time to correct issues. If a task is not completed, you go above the group to whom the delegate reports to, and you report what's happened. If it continues, the task gets redelegated and they suffer disciplinary action.

    It's not perfect, but it's better than inaction.
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    I used to really mad about that sort of thing but it brought me nothing but rage. Now I am just happy when people try to participate.
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    @luper that could be disastrous if u have classmates that commit after writing a single line!! (experienced it!)
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