Flirting! Life as a programmer has me irrationally attracted to nerds. A recent flirty exchange included something like this - "I'll build your environment, baby. I will build it with the finest, artisanally-crafted shell scripts so it can built and rebuilt over and over again.."

My friends think it's weird that all my crushes are neither good looking nor social. I don't think they'd ever understand.

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    artisanally-crafted shell scrips 😄hahaha
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    Well, I know I wouldn't be able to resist
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    The way to my bf's heart was through the vim shortcuts I knew how to use.
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    Sometimes I think that we as developers have are our own little culture. I like it :-)
    And people that aren't part of a culture mostly don't understand how it works or why people do the things they do. For example being attracted to nerds that geek out.
    But from an evolutionary standpoint you could even explain it. If he knows CS he probably will be able to provide for a family...
    I am overanalyzing again 🙈
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    Me: I am the missing semi colon of your code.
    Her: it's alright, I only do python
    Me: 😩😩 ... I'm a dictionary ?
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    I think nerdy (intellectual) people attract each other. Whether it be friendship or romance, you will gravitate to your <>.
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    And this is why I wander in study rooms to code and hopefully find some coder girl 😍 I still have no idea how to approach them though

    sudo codetalkdate
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    @honeyBadgerJeff sudo is rape! 🤔
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    @heyheni not if there is a safe word
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