I cringe everytime I see improperly formatted code -_-

Me: *sees no spaces between function blocks so I format it myself*
Classmate: *Happily types code with no spaces between lines or comments and overwrites what I did*
Me: Seriously?!

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    Use the autoformat feature of your IDE :-D
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    @mt3o yeahh.... i used to do that on Netbeans but I'm using Atom now and well the atom-beautify package is..... meh XD.
    The problem is we push or progress to gitlab and they somehow overwrite it EVERY SINGLE TIME.
    Thanks for the heads up though :D
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    So create a git pre-commit hook with a check for this.

    After all, have you tried talking to this guy? A strong but polite conversation might solve your problem.
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    @mt3o I did... but old habits die hard I guess -_-
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    Do over and over. Like with a child. Sometimes sit with him and rework this with him. Like with a child.
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    I once threw the keyboard on a guy who force pushed over the source code which I spent 3 hours to format

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    @some-one Protect the branch from force pushing ^^
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