to all my Java brothers and sisters, please move here it'll be easier for errybode

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    I'm a purist, I'll just move to the island of which it was named after.
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    @ctmalloy are you sure it wasn't named after the coffee and that's how it got the logo too?
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    @juzles quite sure
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    @ctmalloy Shit whats going on guys :D I'm not sure at all right now
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    @freshlyfe @juzles So apparently it was named after the first letter of the names of the founders, which was cutely the same as coffee which was originally a hot berverage consumed on the island of Java. Coffee it is, but kinda the island. Kotlin, which utilizes the JVM was named after an island in Russia to keep the island naming paradigm. This is where I drew my assumptions
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    @ctmalloy I didn't know the coffee is named after the island, but now it makes sense 😃
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