When you tell your friend you're good at coding and they ask if you can hack into a Facebook account

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    I have never been asked to do this and see it all the time on devRant. Wtf is wrong with so many people wanting to hack into accounts
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    or someone of mine told me how she hacked into a website and changed the page content and I asked her if she used some kind of SQL inj - or how dafuq she edited the pages HTML source code.

    She asked what HTML is.

    People have such fantasies^^
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    I just make my friends uncomfortable with MITM attacks on their WiFi, and this never happens lol
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    @practiseSafeHex I presume they have some stalker tendencies, or perhaps malicious intent. More so the former, I am willing to bet.
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    People truly do love to ask about this, I must get this about two or three times a year... I refer them to the nearest Postgres dba IOW I tell them to go fuck themselves.
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