So delighted perl has become the Latin of scripting languages. Horrific syntax, library drift and bloat second only to js, inconsistent lint/standards that no one followed anyway...

I'll grant it might have had its day, but delighted those days are now long gone (and even those days held arguably better alternatives available, but I digress).

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    I like perl syntax. To each his own I guess.
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    Well, as a scripting language it can come in handy, having native types for lists and hash tables and plenty of libraries for useful stuff like parsing json or accessing databases.
    It's cool for somebody who's used to bash like me, but I agree with pretty much everything you said here. After all, you can do all those things in python with much less effort (yay for consistent syntax!)
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    python is nice, but I still don't trust it enough.
    Perl is ubiquitous on the other hand on Unix world .
    I think many of you are younger than me, I remember when python came about, or php was the new thing.
    Perl 4 was crappy, but so was php 3 and and early python wasn't usable either for cgi or sysadmin stuff (availability, stability, features)
    It's easy to hate perl now in 2017, but remember the only alternatives were bash sed and awk (php on version 3 was a glorified bash script) or plain C.
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    @nbamaral I totally get your point. I guess we're just looking at things from different perspectives. I started coding 4 years ago, so python was already quite big when I first ran into it.
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