On my way to my first job as an intern. I'm kinda nervous. Wish me luck!

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    You'll do fine! 👍
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    good luck
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    How is it?:)
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    How was your first day?
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    2 days in ...not happy.
    They assigned me to the project that many interns are in, so they don't care what kind of garbage you write in there. To show me the demo they used a Windows 7 vm and internet explorer.
    Now I've been two days trying to import the project in eclipse indigo but it won't even compile, and they won't offer any help until next week. So I'm left trying things and watching progress bars for 6 hours the next two days.
    Even if I get to build it I don't think they'll assign me any tasks this week, so nothing to do.
    And the project is java 1.5, I hate this. I really don't want to work in something like this in the future.
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    @CristCD awh, that sucks. I had an internship project with other interns (12 or so) in the second month. They checked the code and most of us know work at the same company building the same project. Being on an all intern project isnt bad if its clear what you have to do and there are some interns that have experience or are motivated.

    But being thrown in at day one is pretty shitty indeed. In the Netherlands it's not more than normal to say this and there will be a chance for it to be fixed. But I know it's different in foreign countries because we are really direct and don't sugarcoat anything.
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