Well fuck me sideways with a rusty lamppost.
Got assigned to a project at work, kind of a biggie, my first actual large project. Been working there since last year, done a lot of research in my spare time and felt like I deserved it or something.

But then...

A few weeks ago I posted a rant about a fuckwit that can't even type 'ssh' in a terminal and doesn't know how a basic database system works.

Guess what.


Exactly that happened.

Because of his overconfidence and big mouth he got assigned to the project as well.
He planned a pitch. Stole my words.

He hasn't proven himself in any way and always needs help. Always. And I don't have a problem with people asking for help, I actually tell people not to be afraid to ask if they don't know something.

But I do have a problem with people laying back at work and asking 7 different people how to open a terminal.

Why does this happen? Just why?

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    I know.. it sucks. You must learn how to be 'visible'.
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    @thatJavaGuy my advise, when both of you are in a meeting with boss, just let him do the talking I'm pretty sure he won't have a clue on how to explain note defend him self, that's when u start throwing answers and show your self as the one that actually knows what the fuck is happening
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    <3 GOOGLE <3
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    I hate people like that.
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