Fuck you HP.
I needed to replace my laptops body but the top panel (ONLY THE FREAKIN CASING HOLDING THE KEYBOARD AND SOME OTHER STUFF) costs a whoopig 114 USD. Like C'mon =(
My laptop works perfectly fine but the body is brtlutally damaged.

Would love it if anyone from the subcontinent or rather anyone really would tell me where to find cheap Chinese laptop replacement parts.

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    buy a broken/used one off ebay. should cost less then 100$
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    Wow thanks! I actually found one for $40.
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    When I bought my ex HP it had a problem... The shielding in the power cable was badly done and would brake easely...
    Phoned HP, they asked 100 euros for a new (also flowled) power supply (that would cost like 40 in a store if it wasn't a new model with a new fit) , or I could buy ensurance for 120 and get a new one for free...
    They ended up sending 4... Last one was a extra when we broke up, for when it would brake again... And It was still in half the guaranty...

    It's a smart move from them... Ensurance pays for the new parts even if I ask for 100...
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