Spent my entire evening trying to figure out why my CoordinatorLayout + AppBarLayout + CollapsingToolbarLayout setup won't work properly despite my code being "seemingly" identical to Banes' fabled Cheesquare.

And the culprit? Well, roll the drums..

Turned out CoordinatorLayout and all its mumbo jumbo NEEDS the support-v7 version of Toolbar in order to WORK RIGHT.


I'm targetting Lollipop, goddammit, there should be absolutely ZERO reasons for me to use Toolbar from the Support Library!!!

If this is by design then why on Earth would you even bother shipping Toolbar alongside the default API in the first place, Google???

Just go the RecyclerView/CardView/Palette route and make Toolbar a separate library FFS!!!




Oh hey, my first "actual" rant on devRant. Neat.

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