Xmas party, held at an external location. After some drinks, a co-worker whom I was friends with started flirting up one of the waitresses. Now, he was tall, well-trained, and quite attractive for women. It was just that he also was married and had a child.

I quietly sought out that waitress and told her about that, asking her to turn him down because nothing good would come out of that. She appreciated it and stayed out of his way.

Felt kind of back-stabbing him, but at the same time, also saving his ass from himself.

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    To prevent your coworker cheating you cheated on him. Damn
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    @retoor Kind of, but I also didn't. Him cheating was none of my business, but the potential consequences for him were. That was what made it so weird, sabotaging and helping him at the same time.
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    OP you could have just ruined a perfect 3-some / open relationship advance

    (Nice you were thinking of your friend though x)
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    @MammaNeedHummus I'm in favour of open relationships, provided that there's transparency, and if I had been sure that things were like that on his end, I wouldn't have interfered. But in abscence of that, and with a child plus a house on credit, it looked more like a major fuckup in the making.
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    So you cock blocked him. Hehe

    A lot of waitresses will flirt in order to get better tips. I have had that happen to me.
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    did you get the girl in the end ?
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    @joewilliams007 What, I didn't even try.
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    Good guy. Understand that it didn't feel like good 💯 % but it was a good deed nevertheless.
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    it would be a fork stab if u also told her that u unlike him is u r free and w/o kids ;}
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    Not back-stabbing at all, you really did a solid for your homie by saving him from himself.
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    @AleCx04 u never know... like Nanos mentioned that heroic friend act might be ruined a perfect match of 2 souls ( ...the kids and x would understand... like they always do in such cases... ) .... right... ;}
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