Java, because it is a terrible language that plagues the world

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    Java is one of the most used tech in proprietary software in many companies. Ton of documentation and stuff.
    They only thing bringing the language down is the performance and the shitty default packages that are provided in the jdk
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    @Alfer along with some concepts/constructs Java completely refuses or concepts in Java are plain retarded

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    @NyxMC the reason is marketing and timing, not quality
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    @magnusi I actually read most of it, there were a few good points, but some were nonsense.
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    @sSam some might be outdated and some subjective, I agree, but most shouldd still be valid
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    @magnusi Holy fuck šŸ˜‚
    Well, can't say i disagree šŸ˜… Mainly for the "function pointer" not existing, it's a pain, even with reflection
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    You take that back, sir!!
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    @dextel2 no
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