My coworker "fixed" a bug. Then an issue was reported to me. He refactored something that we both used(And my code was already working right). I asked him about it. He didn't care about it and also was upset about my question. A question that I didn't ask in a "rude" way.. The worst: the refactor only required 30 seconds to do!!!


Please guys if you refactor do it right or don't do it at all. Have a nice day

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    That's one of the reasons why unit testing is important. But I feel your pain :(
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    @garciabm Unit testing?! No time for that and we're already late! Sad but true.
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    @garciabm Unit testing might catch the issue, but it ain't gonna fix it for you.
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    @devios1 I mentioned Unit Testing because if the team have test cases, when you fix a bug and run your tests you can verify if you didn't break someone else's code.
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    @devios1 it ain't gonna fix it, but CI can stop you from pushing it to the repo and block someone else from developing.
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    I wonder what will you do if you were writing Swift on xcode with no refactor feature 😒
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    This sounds familiar
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    @binygal I'm not denouncing the benefits of unit testing and CI, just saying it wouldn't make his coworker any less of a dick for doing that. 😉
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    @devios1 according to the story i guess it would be like that -
    "There is no chance that my code broke this test. But it fails... I just will delete this test and no one will notice"
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