I am so bad at Smalltalk.. really, I feel like an idiot every time, and every time I end up in silence. Just talk to me something it-related, I can't stop talking. Does this happens to you too?

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    When I first read your rant...I thought you meant Smalltalk-80
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    After understanding java, smalltalk will become much easier because they follow the same principles
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    Yeah, it's familiar.
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    Great minds discuss messages; average minds discuss functions; small minds discuss procedures.

    - Alanor Kaysevelt on Smalltalk
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    Same, and it's no fun either
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    @marthulu yeah, its method, not fun
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    Every single day man
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    I totally understand you. I hate talking about things like weather and all. But start talking about IT or some song I like or series like GOT or something meaningful and u gonna love me. I guess is my introversion
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    @Letmecode i am never going to miss a chance to pun
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    Ur my brother 😂
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    @Elrian that defines my very own mode of conversation. And yes it sucks man everytime you stop and find a long gap in your conversation. To be frank scares me a bit.I try to be a better listener now which makes them them feel less bombarded by stuff they don't know(mostly) and keeps the conversation mutually beneficial and minimal.
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    For me it's IT or sailing or I am ending up right there
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    you dontKnow: #Smalltalk right.
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