Today I have fixed an issue in 300k usd servers that have been sitting there for almost 6 months... Even the vendor (which is a major company) did not wanna touch them. Nobody knows about it yet but I'm proud of myself but at the same time I feel a big resentment because despite my hard work I will not get to spend the next holiday which is a month from now with my family because all coworker went behind my back to the manager and took a vacation and manager will not even allow a work from home day... 1 single day. That's the only working day that week. But without it I can't go back home because home is 20 hours away... More if I take a connecting flight

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    what was the issue?
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    @joewilliams007 basically the servers would crash everytime you run a parallel GPU performance test of them... Without validating the performance test the delivery isn't considered done and all manufacturers have been pointing fingers at each other and bluffing and stalling in the emails asking for more "test" and "evidence" so I said fuck it I'll work on it myself and resolved it in 48 hours
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    Don't you have vacation at all?
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    @electrineer still on probation and manager will be like "I can't allow all of you to leave at the same time and I have to escalate to HR and I'd have allowed it if you'd stay in the country but you're actually leaving the country... " And other nonsense BS. Note to self: next time make the holiday week part of the contract
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    @waldz why not trade? 300k saved for your week of holiday + a raise.
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