Pictures like this honestly make me puke. Why does Linux users think they're better than everyone? 😂 #bringthehate

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    Better at what exactly? What are we comparing here?
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    winfags everywhere
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    I agree, I'm a Linux user, but this entire "Linux can do no wrong, windows sucks" circlejerk is getting tiresome.
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    Every OS sucks at something. That’s why trial boot exists - Linux(security research, server), Windows(Visual Studio), MacOS(everything else)
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    we think that because we are : ^ ) /s
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    You know what, I'm damn sick of people saying we Linux users believe we are better than everyone else, I know crappy Linux users and great windows users, so wth, if you feel so Disparaged for this type of post then maybe you are just not good enough to your own damn opinion.

    Wanna know something too, most of the Linux vs the world fights are started by windows users, most of us don't care about your miserable lifes or your os choices
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    Unless you work at Microsoft, I just don't understand why you would bother code on a non-unix environment that's all.
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    @itay2805 Wrong. Package managers on linux download binaries. Very few people compile it themselfes.
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    Let's be civil here. We all know Linux sucks, and BSD is the way to go :)
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    Usually, these are just a bunch of cool kids.
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    Lol, nice.

    Not sure what the point is of commenting or even reading comments on a picture of Google search suggestions, aside from satisfying a lulz whore, maybe.

    However, it might've been worth doing so for that little curve-ball there :)
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    @ILMostro we all do it for some internet points
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    @itay2805 Your points are valid from a c#/uwp point of view. Although most users can be found on Web, Android and iOS...

    Work with the tools which feel most comfortable. I can't imagine doing web/api/systems programming on any system other than Linux, but can imagine .net/swift work better on windows/osx.
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    Not so sure about that. To each his own, but being exposed to a unix-based OS has opened many possibilities that I never even knew existed as a Windows user.
    Programming in C#, .NET, VisualBasic, among others, is better suited on Windows. For most other things, though, Linux or Mac is the way to go.
    While many technology standards & frameworks were designed or implemented with unix-based systems in mind, Windows has been targeted for most GUI-based developments, due, primarily, to the defacto OS of personal computers.
    Compilation or other intensive computation might be better without heavy resource constraints by an OS like Win. Commercialization of most software/tools make Win. more costly, increasing barrier to entry.
    In terms of available tools, convenience, even documentation, Linux is the way to go.
    Though, as I said, everyone makes their own choices. While Windows advertises and ships by default, w/Linux, community members advertise to push for change
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    @ILMostro Yeah, for programming. But Windows user are statistically not programming, they are working with office, browsing the internet and are playing games. Thats a thing that is most often forgotten here. We, as programmers, have to serve users, and 95% of the desktop users are on windows, like it or not. On servers, the game is different, but do not put down as "the thing you program on" or the "worst os in existence", because no matter what youre thinking, windows is a big fucking deal.
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    @vortexman100 Indeed.

    Though, for the most part, that's a given. As I said, if most PCs are pre-installed with Windows, and most game, graphics software companies have- and continue to, to a lesser extent- targeted Windows as primary OS, then there's not so much a need to state the obvious.
    On the other hand, what most of those users never take into account is that alternatives exist and have existed that could've been targeted just as well; and there would be less of a lock-in. For example OpenGL vs. DirectX, or LibreOffice vs. Microsoft Office (except for Excel, which is superior, but could be at least made available cross-platform).
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    They are just tools you tools.
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    @Lemoncake NO!! BSD is life.
    BSD for the day, BDSM for play
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    @itay2805 Cross-platform might often not be ideal from a development point of view, but the reality is that the most successful modern apps are based on ElectronJS and Java -- it's often not clean, it doesn't always feel right, but it works and it sells.

    Offices used to be either one hundred percent Microsoft or one hudnred percent Apple. But the fact is that these days people work on a confusing mix of Windows, ChromeOS, OSX, iOS and Android, within a single company.

    So you either develop a cross-browser web app, develop using a crossplatform wrapper, or hire multiple teams each working on top of a common API.
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    @bittersweet In many cases, universal standards and technologies exist. Unfortunately, until recently, most software companies focused on proprietary foundations. Once again, I'll use the example of OpenGL vs. DirectX
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    Yes! Finally 69 ++😂 I was going to write likes, but I'm pretty sure someone would track me down and kill me
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