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    I still remember my first interview 😂😂 when I came back home I removed everything from my cv
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    Stretch the truth tho.
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    @SSDD Within reason ya, we can all learn fast, but I know of people who outright lied on their CV to get a job. Stating they knew tech they had zero experience with and managed to BS their into a job.

    Happened twice 2 companies back, I even interviewed the one, but as I was not involved with the whole process I missed that, management never let me see his test or give him a technical interview.

    I knew he did not know his shit by lunch on his first day.
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    Agreed, for everyone else but me.

    Honestly (lol no pun intended) it's all relative to the expectations, level of knowledge, work ethic, ability/desire to learn.
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    @andros705 no, I was referring to realistic expectations, there was a guy who posted a rant here a week ago asking how to learn C++ in 2 or 3 days as he had an interview as a C++ dev and had ZERO experience in it.
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    .. said no one ever 😂😂
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    Yes BUT the guy got the job. So he wins.

    My personal philosophy with workplaces, after being very very loyal to places (even refusing other more well paid job offers) and then being unceremoniously made redundant, is that everyone should only be loyal to themselves and their family.

    At work you are just a number on a spreadsheet somewhere. So if you can get a better job than maybe you're qualified for, because you were better than them at their own interview process - then good on you.
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    What about purposeful omissions?
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    @SSDD True, but he did not last long and did not leave with a good name.

    Not suggesting corporate loyalty, some companies do earn it, the problem with such lies is you loose any and all recommendations from your peers and seniors, you are pretty much hated at work as your incompetence creates more work for others in order to meet deadlines, etc.

    Also kinda messes with your CV when people see jobs with 1 or 2 months on them.

    You not only risking the job you applying for, you risking future applications as well as damaging your reputation in a reasonably small community.

    HR will most certainly ask you about someone applying if they coming form a company you worked for or if you are connected on LinkedIn.

    'We see you connected with XYZ on LinkedIn, whats he like" or "Did you work with ABC when you were at company DEF".

    You really think you going to make it in for an interview, if someone working at the company you applying at says negative things about you?
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    Loyalty is a characteristic that's attributable to dogs, these days. It's almost never perceived or even experienced as a strength, but rather as a weakness.
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    @jAsE OK let's roll back on pitch. Lol

    And no, that's not how they became politicians, they became them because people believed their lies, and elected them to office.

    You cannot work in politics without enough people believing the bullshit your spewing. So really it's because people are idiots.
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