These influencers man.. I just can't.

Today I was watching a video on how the education industry is a total scam. The video was quite nice, pointing to issues like, school doesn't sell us knowledge, instead it sells us Hopes And Dreams, and other things.

But at the end, the guy goes "By the way guys check out the link in description to get 15% off on this course that teaches you coding and principles of software engineering."

Sneaky Bastards.

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    Well, that is how all these ultra-tiny broadcasting businesses make money to live.
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    Fwiw education is what separates adults from manchildren. Sure you can be a self-taught engineer, far better than these with a degree. But you're missing other things education per se [as a process] teaches. And that is what I value greatly.
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    I'm still most baffled by the fact these people actually influence anyone. If someone is big enough to be called an influencer, I assume they've got an agenda to push, and don't really listen to anything much they have to say. Particularly when videos are done in collaboration with companies, or very wealthy individuals.
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    @netikras I reserve the right to be a manchild despite my education!
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    A bachelor's degree is a certificate of conformity.
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    My bachelor's taught me that literally no one gives a fuck about my improvement or the uni's image, and every person including those responsible for the agenda of departments does the least amount of work they can get away with.
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    Fringe marketing in internet zeitgeist escapism
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    dude, plenty of animal rights vegan influencers will gladly point you to animal-products-heavy businessess, like fetish gear.
    healthy living nuts will sell you methanol-laced crappy booze, momfluencers are all for abandoning your kids at 24/7 kindergarten...
    Influencers is what they are, not what they do. "drug pushing thugs" were simply rebranded as "psychodelic influencers".
    Fuck them and the trendy horse they rode on.
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    @netikras Tbh sounds like some bs that you tell yourself to justify spending 4-6 years in getting a degree. How exactly can a degree make you a fully fledged adult? The whole education system is just you regurgitating information and thats it.
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    @topsecret230 uni and college are not meant to teach you. There you are a STUDENT, so there you STUDY [mind at the meaning of the word, completely ignoring the uni/collg context]. YOU study. And gain theoretical knowledge of the matter.

    But there is something uni/collg actively teaches you. It's some set of skills. Definitely not technical ones. Rather, social skills [proper interraction with others in that academic env] and self-motivated goal seeking and achieving, finding ways to overcome obstacles [fair or not] of various kinds skills.

    It changes mindset from "well, what they are going to try and teach me today?" to "well, what will I learn today?" and from "I need to pass this exam" to "I need to learn and understand this".

    We all start our first uni/collg as schoolboys/girls. Some finish it being in the same mindset. Others evolve into students.

    It's far easier and more productive to work with the latter kind.
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    @topsecret230 I find academia more profound than just an institution transferring knowledge on the topic onto us.

    I didn't realize it until over a decade had passed after finishing it. Now I see what impact it made on me and what is lacking in those who didn't attend it, those who didn't evolve into students.
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