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Cybersecurity books @Humble Bundle


There is a really great Humble Book Bundle at the moment, starting at 1$. The bundle contains several cyber security books ("Practical Reverse Engineering" and "Security Engineering" have a good reputation).

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    /me too paranoid to follow link πŸ˜–
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    Can confirm shell coders handbook is an eye opening experience for c coders ( I'm not a c coder but blew the mind of a c coder πŸ˜‚ ) Kevin mitnicks social engineering book is also fascinating some of them make great pub tricks
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    Thanks for sharing, have bought!
    +1 for Art of Deception being worth a read.
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    Thank you sir! πŸ€“
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    Fugg, too broke right now ;_;
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    Thanks a lot, have wanted to read something on the subject
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    I got 9 books for $8.
    Most of the books are very much recommended by professionals
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    Thanks a lot !
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