So yesterday was a regular old day where I came into the office and began my work. My office mate that sits next to me happens to be having an issue with her batch script. It wasn't running correctly so she had decided to call in IT and have them take a look at it. What she was trying to do was process some images through a dedicated super-computer located on site.

So as you can imagine with both of them standing right next to me it was hard not to listen in on their conversation. The IT guy decided to go through a barrage of different troubleshooting methods to figure out what was happening with her script. And soon enough they discovered what was wrong. It happened to be an issue with how Windows decides to deal with new line characters. FYI it looks like this shit "\n \r"

The fucking \r looked like a directory to Linux. So it would squeal to a halt every single time she tried to run.

How this happened was due to her using notepad to edit her batch file.

At this point, I made a comment about her use of Notepad.
"Oh, you're using notepad? I've had similar issues like this in the past when I've used notepad. I really hate notepad." I said with a slight chuckle.

And that was pretty much the end of our encounters. However, at the end of the day, she decided to speak up about this.

"I don't appreciate you making comments about my use of Notepad. That was a form of microaggression towards me, and I don't want you to do it again."

Completely taken aback I replied.
"I'm sorry you took it that way, it was a joke and wasn't meant to be taken personally."

"Well, your intent does not change impact. And by the way, I take pride in my code and scripting. I don't need your commentary about my code nor your micro-aggressions." She said in a huff.

"Well again, I'm sorry you feel that way," I replied back

*I'd like to say that this situation is loosely paraphrased, but the essence of what happened is still there.

At this point, this is what I have to say about this situation. Why the FUCKING FUCK are you using notepad to program anything. There ARE A SHIT TON of differing programs that are available for your use and you decide to use fucking notepad?!?! $%&*@#$^

You could use notepad++, you could use Sublime, you could use every-fucking-thing except Notepad!!! If anything I think I had every right to make a comment about your stupid use of notepad. And darling, your script not working was well deserved, I hope you run into more errors like this because you deserve nothing less for your arrogance. So you can take your opinions and shove them up your fat-ass because at the end of the day I don't give a FUCK about your opinions on my micro-aggressions that you're spouting off about.
I suggest the next time you feel attacked about your code perhaps you should take a cold hard look at yourself before thinking that I'm the one that is the FUCKING problem.

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    who in their right mind would take pride in using fucking notepad?!
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    I immediately tune out and/or cut off any sort of communication with anyone who seriously uses a term like "micro-aggression" in a sentence. (Aside from someone who is making fun of the term, of course...)
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    One could argue that she was acting in a micro-aggressive towards you, wasn't she? I think you should complain about it to her! 😜
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    At least she wasn't using word 😯
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    These days you need to make sure people are in their "safe space" before interacting with them in any way.
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    It does sound like micro aggression though
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    @shaji microagression would be if it would be anyhow related with her being a woman. He was going straight to the point of Notepad being not ideal to code, not relating it in any way with her gender. Actually, I'm pretty sure he would've said the same if she were a man.
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    @2nd2NULL ????? Are you joking? Are you serious? What is that comment suppose to mean?
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    I agree with her. Notepad is a delicate issue. Actually, stupidity in general. So keep it to yourself, instead of helping people realize how stupid they are.

    Also, she sucks. Also, i hope her scripts die in hell.

    Great rant.
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    @siksik i was trying to be funny 😓
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    It's not exactly notepad the problem. It's the "CR LF" control characters, more like "\n\r".
    Had the same problem sending strings from an embedded system to a Fucking windows server.
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    Tell her word is muuuuch better
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    @shaji didn't catch that, sorry then!
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    Sidenote: you could have asked her why she uses notepad. That would give insight to her reason. Depending on what she says you could that point out alternatives and why you deem them better alternatives. If she wants to hear it that is.

    As a Linux user I get obnoxious comments, also "just jokes, nothing personally", from Windows and MacOS fanboy all the time, especially when that debate has nothing to do with that. That's why I can understand her reaction.

    Still she should be given feedback that her tools are in fact up for criticism, and yes I do agree that notepad cannot even be considered a coding platform. Yet the way and when you voice that matters.

    There's a fine line between giving constructive feedback and being an obnoxious jerk.

    I know I am guilty of judging people by their choice of tools. Be it nano or that they use a gui for git. Yet I try to get better.
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    O-100 real quick. Love it! I was at first assuming the rest of your rant was going to be you kindly reflecting on her bad attitude. Your inner demon came out and vented through the keys, love it.
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    @juniordev can't help but think of south park when I hear safe space hehe
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