So we are a bunch of nerds huh? Without any social life? or friends?

You motherfucker, if it wasn't for the community that developers have built, you would still be living in stone age. Seriously, the way we share our hard work with each other, spending hundreds of hours on a library and making them open source on the internet, I don't think any other community out there does it so selflessly.

So next time you're calling me boring, you can take a big piece of shit and put it up in your arse.

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    Nice rant. 👌🏼
    Although... "Take a big piece of shit, and put it up in your ass" 🤔😂
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    I too have a social life. Later in the day be and Grandma are going to the mall to buy me some shoes
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    Beautiful rant!
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    "take a big piece of shit and put it up in your arse" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Now is it his/her own shit or others
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    @null-pointer NullPointerException while typing reply to comment
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    @shaji Haha. Don't fetch stuff that isn't there.
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    @null-pointer i was actually referring to your name here. Also i see you're new to Fedora. I've been trying it for more than a decade. Welcome 😀
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    @shaji Yeah I know you were referencing to username. I just thought of extending the joke. :p And thanks for the welcome. I'm already having a good time with it!
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    We create the social networks, but I believe we don't use them that much because we know they are crap.

    Its like being the creator of the pyramid scheme, since you created it and know how it works, you wont fall for it.

    But a social network like devrant, build by devs for devs. Thats where we feel at home
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    Hanging out on a social network does not fall under the category "being social", according to psychology research. So, no, building such an application doesn't contribute to sociability. In fact, it does the opposite.

    Now get out there and practice interacting with other people. For some of us it requires some effort, but practice makes... improvement.
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