I came early today to the office

Found the office locked

Need fingerprint of Project Manager/CTO

With my mouth saying ah.. i blew hot air into the finger print sensor, 5 to 6 times

There u go.office door opened with welcome message

just hacked the system

Genius me

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    Its an common Problem of this things.
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    Because it already had the prints, just needed to verify the input was still alive?
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    Ha. I thought you were leading upto voice recognition that accepted 'hot air' as sales talk...
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    very l33t
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    I was once thrown out from Åhléns because I blurted out their door code. They should have thanked me instead for exposing a security vulnerability that would be really easy to fix. They would just have needed to instruct their staff to cover the keypad while typing the code. Well, this happened in my most stupid teens in the 1980s, but I'm still angry with them and haven't set foot there since. Later, I read that some of the security guards at Åhléns had been busted for some sort of fraud/insider job. Maybe those were the very same idiots that threw me out.
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    By the way, the code was 7621. If they haven't changed it for more than 30 years, then it just serves them right if everyone gets to know it :DDD
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    @DefiniteGoose bug for company and feature for hackers.
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    Hope they don't fire u for bne
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    I'm sure they all type their passwords in a text file on their desktop so that they won't ever forget.
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    @Albericht Oh... should i not do that?
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