I startet at this company where they made a map where some locations where displayed on a map. It took like 30 seconds to load the locations - and it could only display ten at once. To cover this fact they made it impossable to zoom out...
I circumenvented their incredably bad orm and queried the DB directly, created some indices, and only shipped coordinates, type and label (whereas they shipped the whole datasets to the browser before) - and suddenly i could show all 30k
pins at once in microseconds having less traffic then before. That was quite a leap.

Needless to say the app never reached nearly production, I left the shit show soon after and the ceo is dead by now.

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    Whoa that took a wild turn .... dead CEO lol.
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    Maybe it was an option to create a view and map an orm model on that
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    Go Horus! Lighter, more and faster!
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    Reminds me of a quote from a colleague "It's more fun to work a bad companies - cause you can make huge improvements, compared to good companies where you're shaving off milliseconds"
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    @jiraTicket actually i think this is not entirely wrong. There would be sweet spot somewhere in the middle most likely.
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    I swear I've never seen a single codebase where the ORM is anything but a pain in the ass
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    @Shardj agree. Why are people so scared for sql? The migration part of (Django) ORM is nice tough
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    @retoor query builders are all you need
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    @Shardj @retoor Laravel's ORM is awesome. I use it extensively.
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    @Sid2006 last time I used laravel was in 2015-2016 so maybe it's better now. But I remember it being a pain in the ass too
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