My Ubuntu is on too much caffeine 😂😂

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    3.8? holy shit, that's old
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    Exactly my reaction...
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    What about the compatibility of win apps on Ubuntu? Guess I'm ready to install Ubuntu just because it's faster than windows and also because of its pretty interface. Any recommendations on that BTW?
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    Many windows Programs run with wine. Its not perfect, but its good enough for many programs i use.
    I use Q4wine as a gui for winetricks.
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    Linux is so efficient it grabbed a couple updates while it was at it.. 😁
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    Perhaps some part of the download failed and was retried but the failed data was never removed from the amount downloaded.
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    I run a KVM/qemu windows VM for all the work-related windows stuff I need, which is thankfully less stuff all the time. For games that wine doesn't do well, I have a cloud GPU desktop on paperspace that I access with parsec, billed at like 40 cents an hour, plus $10 a month for the storage.

    In this way, I'm able to have the Linux desktop I want (LXDE/Openbox) and the ability to do the windows stuff I need, but only occasionally. Highly recommended.
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    @Jop- well, in most cases it's something old that I need for my uni. Still not sure if it worthy to install Ubuntu. Windows works fine on my laptop plus I disabled all tracking & updates long time ago. So everything is fine atm. I'm afraid that it will just give me a problems. Only if it has advantages for web dev.. But I don't think that it has something marvelous it comparison to windows in that way. Damn it's so hard to choose!
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    @Jop- Ok, thank you! I'll definitely give it a try :)
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    Debian dev here.
    I pledge full support for any device running Debian. Also not really, I agree arch is somehow more advanced but really manageable, Gentoo is hardcore, sometimes even for me, but Debian is super cool and super easy :9
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