For the love of Arch Linux 😍😍😍

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    @runfrodorun Agreed, this is more correct
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    I had make a open Suse vm and a arch VM for a school project, after installing open Suse Arch felt like a piece of cake.
    Fuck open Suse even fucking arch is easier to fucking setup
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    Linux from scratch: Go on, give birth yourself!
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    I love Linux Mint, I'm new in the Linux world
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    @runfrodorun what is it with Arch breaking for people? I've literally had more problems when I still used Ubuntu (granted, the 6.something days) than arch. Never had fucked up packages. Only once fucked up my bootloader but that was my bad
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    @runfrodorun have used Debian. Liked it. My repos became a fucked up hodgepodge but I assume that was my bad
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    Gentoo: There are feathers out there. Now build wings.
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    Don't worry, I'll catch you
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    Gentoo is kicking the bird out of the nest while it's still in the egg. Expecting it to fully grow, hatch and learn to fly before it hits the ground.
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    Fking true 😂😂
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    User at ubuntu a few days later: "Ok... Now leave me alone... -_-"
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    Gentoo is fly bitch, not arch!
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    so Truuue.
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    Fml , i started using arch and my life will becom hell
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