In india

Teachers teach students to code, without any field experience

These students learns things tht they dont need in their life and becomes teachers

The cycle continues...

From my genius analysis, we can see that these students need not go to a company to work like a horse,

Why are we in a company working like a horse?

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    And if you choose a different path.. Work on your ownself, you own projects, your life becomes full of loads of shit.. No placement scenes from college side
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    Our education system sucks.. even our teachers don't know to code... And above all no placement. You are left in industry without any experience and guide
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    I was taught C programming on turbo C... When there were perfectly good IDEs right there... But no, we aren't supposed to because all industries use turbo C apparently
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    So apparently all Indian institute have this problem 😕
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    @arshijafri India is a horrible place to learn programming in institutes. We all learn on our own
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    @MagnumPanda I personally do not have a problem in learning by myself, but atleast value the skill sets rather than promoting and valuing mugging
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    Final year of bachelor's in information technology. Most of our labs run on Linux. My classmates still use dosbox for C
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    @IsDevEasy India bro, we value mugging up over applying that knowledge
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    @MagnumPanda @sysm9 in my lab they still used to run Windows xp... What else can we expect after this... And no placements above all
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    As something I have witnessed in my college, there is this new breed of faculty here which are here for means while they further their industrial career. These teachers tend to allow python or C++11 in labs too. These teachers are limited though. Turbo C is true here too, but they appreciate post class efforts.
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    @arshijafri I know, I don't get Indian education. We churn out a shitload of IT engineers who know fuckall
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    @arshijafri aye bae u look hot.. how about we make out in a bush space i own.
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    I was completely held in the dark during College about programming . When i was able to do better programming than some of my teachers , i thought i was great at it and became complacent..

    Enter work..
    The "advanced" concepts i thought i knew were the basic ones here and it lead to an unforseen path ..
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