!rant is a logic operator, right? As in NOT rant. So why do I so often see them on actual rants?
And for that matter, who cares? If there's a [Read More] tag, you'll click if you want, regardless.
Why is this a thing?

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    I think !rant is a kind of a meme. It spread fast while losing some of its value
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    There are a lot of bad/non-devs on here it seems
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    import random
    i = random.randint( 1, 2 )
    if ( i == 1):
    print( "Rant" )
    print( "not( Rant )" )
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    I instinctively opened this when I saw "[Read more]"...
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    this is ironic because yours starts with !rant but yours is a rant about !rant
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    not to mention the next rant uses it correctly
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    We're working on adding post types to help organize and filter better: rants, questions, jokes/memes, collabs, other
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    Maybe for a rant it should be a shebang.

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