worst experience with a manager was the (female) one who got away with harassing a female employee for YEARS and thought it was ok because she thought they were friends.

She also retaliated (in ways that were hard to prove), played favorites, didn't know metrics or general business sense, couldn't do her employee's jobs but loved to tell them how they were wrong all the time, and then when she was fired, after the female coworker finally reported the ass slapping and the harassment based on disability, she went back into employee only areas with client personal information and thought taking selfies was ok (she was very quickly corrected and had to wipe her phone and memory card to ensure she hadn't been doing it when she wasn't caught, which cameras later proved she had been).

(I only sound calm. I will take a needle to her probably fake boobs and deflate them with glee if I ever see her again)

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    That sucks.

    I always thought that women would stick together more in the workplace.

    Then I met HR and found out how underhanded and horrible they can be to each other.
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    Incompetent AND abusing power. What a piece of shit.
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    @randomcomma she really was. I'm a bit happy I helped get her canned...
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    @taylorviktorya maybe she took her fake boobs and went back to stripping.
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