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Do Microsoft developers use IE?
And what about bing developers, do they use bing?

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    @runfrodorun Clearly not a fan 😂
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    Tag this post with "Philosophy" please.
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    Would google devs use google?
    Would stackoverflow devs use so?
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    Would a carpenter use carpenters
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    @Codex404 i think the so and google one do apply. But why use bing if you have google? Unless for testing performance or to get different results
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    @dalastTomCruise bing amd yahoo both give me better answers than google though.
    When I lookup string on these bing, yahoo and google I get respectively "text", "text", female underwear

    Only when looking up famous people google is the better one in my experience.

    Google gets better if you use it more, but I dont use google services that much. And Im using duckduckgo as search engine.
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    I think the fucker who created IE, Bing and sharepoint is the same person, or at least he was in the squads. Such a great way to trying to start wwIII
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    mostly using Edge or Safari :)
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    Well it would be really a shame if they weren't using these services. I mean come on if you are developing a service wouldn't you use it on a daily basis?
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    Yes. They do. But not exclusively. I know because I worked for msft.

    IE became crappy when msft stopped investing in it after the browser wars.

    Bing has a lot of catching up to do - hard because Google keeps getting more data to learn from.
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    My team lead worked on msft. He uses it.
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