I decided to run Ethernet to a different part of the house figuring oh that's easy enough, only 30 feet or so, I bet it will take 20 mins....

3 hours later after spending 2 fishing wire through an Arizona attic I am dehydrated and sore. When will I learn to stick to coding and leave the labor to guys with callused hands and ladders.

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    I find that coconut water and milk help rehydrate you best without all the sugar that gatorade has. Especially in this AZ heat. It's what I drank after soccer and football practice or grueling training sessions before joining the Marines.
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    Hahahaha. Yup. Network infrastructure is sweaty/dirty work.
    Less than fond memories there. Covered in grime from running cables, fingers raw from working the punchdown on RJ45 keystones.

    Builds character. 😂
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    @mhudson oh and dirty isn't the half of it. I have that blown in insulation which is filthy. I came out of the attic looking like an antique that hasn't been moved in centuries.
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