Code I wrote: 15kb
NPM Modules: 198Mb

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    This is gold.
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    Dirty dirty but gold
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    Not much of a difference lol
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    Haha! Awesome!
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    @andros705 most likely because they DONT have a small brain, they are testing with selenium or similar and that requires a local instance of PhantomJS aka google chrome
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    @andros705 ...ever heard of jokes?

    @alcatraz627 BTW, I hope you didn't steal this one because I haven't seen this one yet.
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    @filthyranter the mark of the page which made this is right there in green.
    And yes, you got to see it because I posted it even though I didn't make it. Exactly the case with a shitload of graphics going around.
    Plagiarising a meme is one thing. Propagating it is another.

    I hope I'm not being rude😁
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    We are all standing on the shoulders of giants
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    @alcatraz627 now, just go for any Interview and tell you have written a 198Mb npm module all by yourself, while using devrant in the middle of development too..
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    actualy node_modules is borrowed code. so without it you'd be wring those 180Mb of code yourself. am i wrong ? no ?. okay then.
    git commit -m "comment134"
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    That girl looks like the lesbian chick that was in my highschool class
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    @Krokoklemme I don't think sexual orientation has any influence on somebody being impressed with a dir of a few 100 MB in an era where we buy storage in terabytes...

    The problem with NPM might be it is too easy to add dependencies. If I include 4 Java frameworks I notice it (even though I'm using only parts of it). PHP with composer is going a similar route. I have at times been suprised how much a single dependency pulled in. JS still has more frameworks though.
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    My laptop cannot even calculate the size of JS my projects on disk due to those damn folders and the huge quantity of files in them. Just publish all the source files docs and assets with the module, storage space is infinite in the cloud anyway.
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    We need more like this! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This deserves more ++s. The npm struggle is real!
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    I broke my table again! Damn, heavy node modules!!
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