How do you break into freelancing? I have a full time job that I enjoy, but am really interested in freelancing. Have created profiles on freelancing sites and bid on jobs with not much success.

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    Being able to show a portfolio and building up a reputation. Sadly you need to get jobs for that, even tho jobs require you to a reputation to get them in the first place.

    At least that was the case for me.
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    Be more aggressive and you will get gigs. Find 100 companies that have crappy web sites or need an app - plenty out there - show them how you will make their like easier or better and I am confident you will get work and then referrals from the work.
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    Yeah, when I was first starting out I did a few things for free just to build up my portfolio and I try to be active and contribute to open source projects. Just going to keep pushing on and I know at some point the hard work will pay off.
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    alternative: remote jobs, traveling the world with a laptop and a decent and steady income.
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    I've been thinking a little about this myself recently. That old Catch-22 of needing jobs to get experience but needing experience to get jobs!!

    So much of my past work is either defunct, meaningless small scale or private. I guess a good personal/profile site is important, too - really showcase yourself.

    Interesting to keep an eye on this thread - the remoteok is interesting - I hadn't seen it before.
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    Yeah I am going to check out remoteok. I've seen weworkremotely.com before.
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