Our HR guy is a tool. He requested I help him extract some data from our database. Which based on what he requested I supplied he then started trying to bully me because the data I gave him wasn’t what he wanted. Ringing me every 5 mins asking if it was ready, comparing me to another colleague who wrote the system.

When we blew up at him telling him to back off he continued. Anyway he still works here and persists in being a tool. i on the other hand ignore him.

I’m pretty sure that the HR bullying an employee is wrong, not massively worried about it just annoyed

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    Can you complain the HR about HR?
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    In my experience, HR people come in two types: amiable idiots, and complete tools. You have a specimen of the latter, obviously.
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    It's not just that one HR guy.

    Put simply, it's no child's dream to go into HR. The people who end up there are usually incompetent, or arseholes or both.

    To think of people as Human Resources... and to also be one of those resources must be soul destroying. Especially when most of their larger projects involve either mass layoffs or fucking over the staff for pennies. It doesn't help they're entirely replaceable.

    I had a similar situation to yours recently. On a POS that was dumped on my desk, a brand new system written in 10 year old tech... that didn't work.

    The HR cunt I was dealing with would throw her (substantial) weight around at the slightest mention of project slip or a "No"... I was given this task whilst out on holiday so got to come back to find out about it about half a week in... when nobody had told me I was working on the POS.

    After all her nonsense, she couldn't organise a simple task or consider that changes shouldn't be left until 3 days before live.

    Fuck HR.
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    @jmacmi2 why does HR have anything to do with managing there project itself? Sounds like scope creep.
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    @Metalor yep... they love power but scope creep handed it to them.
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