from a friend of mine, don't know where he found it

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    I think right here on devrant.
    It's a repost.
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    @shelladdicted it was not from here, cuz he doesn't use it, although I've already recommended. also, if it was from here it would have a line on the bottom of the image. besides it has been a while since I visited devRant. I just wanted to share this since I've liked it, so if you feel the need just flag it as a repost and be done with it, thks
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    @vhoyer as you can see from your devrant notifications i upvoted ++
    You have right, there is not the devrant bar at the bottom.
    But it is still a repost.
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    @shelladdicted :D
    I mean, sorry, I think I've overreacted. but really, if it's a repost it's a repost
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