Mac,Linux sucks

Is biggest crime

On dev rant

Don't hit me hard

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    I won't hit you if you tell what's so wrong about Linux or Mac and better in Windows. Be more specific than it sucks. That propably just means you haven't tried them and are not willing to.
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    @joas hey bud for me I don't gonna spend 2000+ $ only for 1 sec faster app loading and only for writing codes tell u what Mac sucks in 4k video editing,games,it don't even support maya or 3ds max rendering on Mac is gonna hit you hard , and there is same for linux but because it's free I don't much care about it but it is extremely crash and error prone I've installed Ubuntu nearly 20+ computer and after few days some kind of internal error occurred if u cancelled any ongoing installation it's going to hijack your system not let order program to install unless you manually clean that shit out ,yea Unix systems have bit faster app opening time and I appreciate that
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    @shantnuchaubey "Ubuntu". While it has some advantages, it's clearly not the best.

    Anyway, I summon thee @Linux, @linuxxx
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    Ubuntu is not Linux thou
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    @DGApps who's in the tabs camp with me?

    Legit though, why would anyone be in ot for the spaces?
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    @shantnuchaubey Sure, I agree about Mac's cost and professional software's lacking support for Linux. But I hate Windows, because I'm not in control of it, Windows is in control of me. Linux has so many usecases because the kernel is so light and you can choose how ever you want to configure it / what packages or distributions to install. Not sure about Mac, it seems nice otherwise but expensive and very limited. Not any of those are truely cancer, otherwise we wouldn't even have this conversation. It just depends on the usecase, user's skills and how much money you have.
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