Why the fuck my pc speed drop so much

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    this usually happens with me when copying too many small files where their size is less than max copy speed
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    @gitpush so what's the solution
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    @shantnuchaubey this is not an issue, that dialog shows transfer speed, when copying many small files, say 1MB it will show your speed as 1MB but what you need to look at how many files are copied and not speed, it is the same as copying 1 large 20GB file it will show speed around 20MB/s but copy will take its time, as long as your copying doesn't take that much time then you are not facing an issue but a normal behavior
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    @shantnuchaubey pause one and let it finish, always works for me. 🙂
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    Before you copy files more than 3-4 GB size, change Windows to performance mode. Usually this increases speed by 2-4 times.


    You don't have to do this while copying movies. But during games of other softwares this is useful.
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    I am assuming this is NTFS (windows duhh...) For transfering a 1 GB file you have 1 mft record, one file allocation and the rest is the actual data transfer. For 1000000 * 1KB files, you have 1 million mft records, 1million file allocations and their corresponding data transfer. It's not the transfer itself that takes time, but finding the most appropriate space on the disk and recording the file.
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    Too many small files.. Ahem..Node modules
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