OS relationship(explicitly)

Windows is my girlfriend
Mac is that rich girl I always wanted to
Linux is Side bitch that I only use when above are not responding

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    I don't care, I just want a team 😂
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    @Haxk20 +1

    Windows is that big fat girl that I use when the bully forces me to.

    Mac is that skinny twig that I have to use because the content we make earns more money.

    Linux tells me she will be whoever I want her to be.
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    Windows is your fiancee decided by your family.Although she seems nice you dont like her because of her annoying parents (microsoft).
    Mac is that beautiful girl that everyone likes and has high standards(price) but you know you are better of with your fiacee.
    Linux is that girl that most people ignore but you like her because you know you can slave her(FOSS).
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    I am banging the rich girl!
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    Nah, Mac OS is the girl who is very attractive, but wears way too much makeup for anyone, which makes her less attractive. Windows is exporting you into seeing her. Linux is a little cold, but all-around nice. She's a little emotionally unstable.
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    @0xTJ *extorting, not exporting
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    Linux has such a nice personality though, and she's got a mind like mine 😭 Mac is too high maintenance, and windows is like a sister to me
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