My Dell laptop's charger almost killed me today that electric shock omg I can't define that shit , although anybody know how to fix it ,that output point is realising current ,

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    Not optimal solution but when dealing with electricity, I'd go with a new one and not risk using the fixed old one
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    Buy a new one. My family stopped buying dells everyone had the chargers start giving off shocks or blowing the motherboard in the laptop.

    Think dell will still send you a new charger if you let them know it's shocking you. Don't know if it's free or not can't remember.
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    @randomio I also have a good quality and costly charger but the point is too big for this laptop so do you know any converter? ,I don't want to buy another charger again
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    @shantnuchaubey sorry I don't. We always got them replaced asap after the first one shocked us because a couple days later it sparked up.
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